Besant Group of Institutions is sponsored by Women’s National Education Society (WNES), which is a government recognised not-for-profit organisation.

The present management team lead by President Sri Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy is committed to preserving the priceless legacy of the Besant Institutions, and is constantly enlarging its reach to touch society in new ways.

Governing Council 2019.jpg
Sitting (Left to Right): Shri. M.P Bhat(Treasurer), Shri K. Devanand Pai (Secretary), Shri Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy (President), Shri. Nagar Narayan Shenoy, Dr. Manjula K. T.
Standing (Left to Right): Shri. Belthangady Krishna Ganesh Bhat, Shri Sathish Kumar Bhat, Shri Manel Annappa Nayak (Vice President), Shri Shyamsunder Kamath, Dr. Arjun Shrinivas Nayak Manel.


Shri Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy

Vice President

Shri Manel Annappa Nayak


Shri K. Devananda Pai


Shri M. P. Bhat


  • Shri Shyamsunder Kamath
  • Shri Nagar Narayan Shenoy
  • Shri Sathish Kumar Bhat
  • Dr. Manjula K. T.
  • Shri. Belthangady Krishna Ganesh Bhat
  • Dr. Arjun Shrinivas Nayak Manel

University Representative

Dr. P. S Yedapadithaya

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dr. Sathish Kumar Shetty P, Principal
  • Staff Representatives
  • P.T.A. – President