Founders Day 2021: Birth Anniversary of Dr. Annie Besant

01 October 2021

The 174th birth anniversary of Dr. Annie Besant, founder of Besant Educational Institutions, and Indian Women’s Rights advocate, philosopher was held on 1st October, 2021 at the Srinivasa Kalaranga auditorium of  Besant PU College. Women’s National Education Society President Shri Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy, Secretary Shri. Devananda Pai and other dignitaries were present. Floral tribute was given to Dr. Annie Besant’s statue by the  management members of the Besant Educational Institute, Principals, Heads of various affiliated institutions, President of Teacher Association. At the same time, the academic achievements of the various students and alumni of the Besant Educational Institutions for the year 2019-20 were recognized and honored.

  1. Charit Shivaji M. Prabhu - First rank and Gold medalist in Marine Engineering degree
  2. Rehana Hanina Sheikh - 3rd rank, Mangalore University. B.A. Degree Examination
  3. Khatija Annath Salnaz- 5th Rank, Mangalore University. B.A. Degree Examination
  4. Shravya J. Pambar - 3rd rank, Mangalore University. BSC (FND)
  5. Dipna M. Shetty - 9th rank, Mangalore University. Postgraduate Examination
  6. Megha Narasimha Nayak 1st Rank, Mangalore University. M.B.A. Postgraduate Examination
  7. Anusha Kamath - 3rd rank, Mangalore University. M.B.A. Postgraduate Examination
  8. Raviraj Kumar - 3rd rank, Mangalore University. M.B.A. Postgraduate Examination
  9. Anjana T V - 5th rank, Mangalore University. M.B.A. Postgraduate Examination

Prof. Girish Kumar, Prof. Nandita Sunil, Prof. Riddvika Shetty, Pro. Jyotsna, Mrs. Padmashri introduced the rank-winning students. The event was attended by the teaching / non-teaching members of the Besant Educational Institutions, alumni and others. Mrs. Chandrika K, Headmistress of Besant National High School welcomed the gathering. Besant English Medium School teacher Ms. Manasa hosted the Program .COVID protocols were followed during the programme.